Green Bean or Bisque?

I love the legs and back workout only because of the awkward tension between Tony and Sophia (?) / chicklet teeth. Cracks me up. That workout is just full of classic lines–Belgium? SMH. I need a new, tighter band for the back work.
Anyway, Day 5 complete although the nutrition plan was difficult yesterday. I did fine during the day, but Easter candy and a quick pizza did me in by bedtime. My calories were still under goal, but I definitely did not feel well going to sleep last night. I will make a concerted effort to not gorge when I get home–that’s always the problem.
Busy day at school ahead of me is guaranteed, but eyes on the prize and Kenpo tonight! I’m also looking forward to some gym time this weekend in addition to my P90 workouts. I love step aerobics classes and haven’t been in a few months–will incorporate those into my weekend workout routine. Can’t wait!

Body sore today. And that’s a good thing.

Here’s to nasty soups!

Tippy Toes

I feel like I’m constantly rushing.  I wake up at 4:30 a.m, get my son to his grandmother’s or to daycare, rush to school, rush all day, rush to pick him up, and then rush to cook dinner.  My biggest problem so far has been finding time to exercise during the week.  I could take my son to the gym with me, but honestly, he hates it, and is a very opinionated almost four year old. P90 should work this time around because (and as awful as it sounds) he can plop in front of the tv for his one hour a day.  This worked today–I was able to complete the first hour of yoga x–which works as the last thirty minutes is a pretzel party in my garage and I usually skip it anyway. Anyone who has done P90 loves Tony’s silly comments.  He’s so serious with yoga except for tippy toes:)  

So, I’m pleased so far.  I’ve followed the nutrition plan for two days and have completed the days 1-4 workouts (even doing two yesterday along with a 6 hour house cleaning session on my last day of Spring Break!)…I’m a teacher btw with a 45 minute commute–Hi big bum. 

Anyway, so far. So good…I do need to work on the rushing part.  I’m typing this with my dinner plate on my lap because I don’t have any other time to keep up with the blog.  Tv time is over and the night rush begins. 


Day One

I don’t have time to write an amazing first post.  Honestly, I just want to get this up and running.  I need to get myself up and running. 

The purpose of this blog is to force myself to hold myself accountable.  I have three years and three months until I reach forty.  There are accomplishments to meet and if I write it, it will happen, so here is the blog. 

So, my first goal is weight loss.  Duh.  But more importantly, it is to become a healthy, sexy, and fit Mom.  I weigh 154 at 5’6″.  My goal is 135.  I intend on hitting this goal before I turn 37–in exactly 89 days. 

In order to achieve this first goal, I have to start with what I know works and that is P90X.  I did it four years ago after I had my son and made it to day 75–I lost 15 pounds then and dropped two sizes.  Of course I gained back the weight and I can’t stand it anymore.  I have a gym membership,and I try to go consistently, but it’s not working. 

P90 update

Day 1:  I did the first day on Saturday–it was great.  Core Synergystics.  I missed Tony Horton.

Day 2:  I was SUPPOSED to do Cardio X last night, but it was Easter and I’m good at making excuses. 

Day 3:  I’m combining Days 2 and 3, so as soon as I finish this, I will do Cardio X and later this afternoon I will complete Shoulders and Arms. 

Well, I seriously doubt anyone will ever read this and I sure won’t advertise.  This is for me to stay motivated and if it works out, by the time Day 90 hits, I will cross one goal off of my list and will be able to move onto another.